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Computer Systems - Business
We provide server solutions to businesses clients not only on the Costa Blanca, but all over Spain. Our Server systems are built to the requirements and needs of your company. Firstly we analyse the requirements of your company, then we produce a proposal outlining our findings. Making sure you are included in the process from start to finish. This will help you and us to attaining the correct computing solutions and results for your company.

The workstation computers are also built to the needs of your company. We can offer comprehensive PC solutions for the demands needed for today and beyond. We provide PC solutions for CAD Designers, Graphic Designers, high end office applications and general office applications. Please contact us for more details.

Not only do we provide PC and Server solutions for your business, we also can provide the correct computer networking solution as well as network storage (NAS) and inkjet and laser printing solutions. All our business systems are fully back up by a range of support contracts, please go to the support and contact page for more details.